Altitude Training League
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Altitude Training League

Altitude Training League

ATL is a global network of Altitude Training Centers

created to promote Altitude/Hypoxic training program and share knowledge on the best practices.

Who we are ?

Located at 1850 meters, the Altitude National Training Center (CNEA) of Font-Romeu (Pyrenees-France) welcomes every year several thousand athletes (31 countries, 5 continents 35 disciplines) who prepare the major international events in an exceptional natural environment. Since its creation in 1968 to prepare the Olympic Games in Mexico City (altitude near Font-Romeu), 268 Olympic medals (including 100 in gold) have been won by athletes who attended the CNEA center the year of the Olympic Games.

Our Objectives

  • Promote and promote altitude training and / or hypoxic training.
  • Identify, share knowledge and best practices in the high level training field through using altitude and hypoxic training facilities
  • Establish a map of altitud training centers and / or centers using simulatied altitude,
  • Identify the specificities and highlight the associated services offered by each center.
  • Establish a database of scientific publications on Altitude training and Hypoxic Training
  • Organize meetings and seminars on Altitude training and Hypoxic Training.

Why ATL ?

Altitude and / or Hypoxic training is widely used in most sports to prepare major international events. The physiological effects of training in Altitude / hypoxic are now subject of many research protocols to answer the questions of coaches.
ATL presents the different Centers in the world that offer training conditions in Altitude / hypoxic and that propose according to their specificities and singularities training protocols appropriate to the requirements of high performance.